Engineering & design department

Aurock is an engineering company specialized in the finite elements calculation applied to the mechanic and the thermic of structures. Simulation services are about manufacturing processes and are used to model the forming of metals such as stamping, hot forming , superplastic forming …

Before manufacturing, Aurock brings you an assistance for designing and sizing ceramic parts. Aurock takes into account the mechanical behavior specificities of these materials, for instance, the probabilistic fracture effects that determine the maximum stress allowed. The use of these advanced models will guarantee the mechanical structures behavior. Aurock can also help you in the failure analysis of refractory structures by studying the type of material used and could propose a new structure design.


  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous materials of all kind: metals, glass, ceramics, polymers…
  • Use of thermo-dependence on thermal and mechanical properties
  • Linear and non-linear static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis for large deformations
  • Study of mechanical structural behavior considering linear, non linear, viscoelastic or viscoplalstic constitutive laws
  • Anisotropic behavior
  • Periodic homogeneization of structural behavior
  • Study of probabilistic effects (Weibull theory)
  • Use of non-linear constitutive laws to take into account damage and probabilistic effects
  • Identification of constitutive law parameters from trials
  • Thermal analysis for transient and steady states
  • Multiphysics analysis : interactions between thermal, mechanical, hydral, chemical, thermometallurgical, electro-chemical effects


  • Stress, strain, mass or geometrical optimization
  • Sensitivity analysis : geometrical, material parameters, processes…

In case of complex problems involving several material parameters, process or geometry, the use of numerical optimization could be precious to identify solutions. A numerical design of experiment approach could be done with Isight to assess sensitivity analysis before optimization.

Software resources;

Design: Catia V5

Finite-elements tools: Code Aster, Abaqus, Sysweld, Impetus

Numerical design of experiment: Isight